Wednesday, May 16, 2007


As gas prices skyrocket, I find myself not really too bothered by it. I guess deep down subconsciously their (The OIL Barons) psychological onslaught has pacified me. Here's where it winds down the road in my melon. [Take notes, there'll be a quiz]

~I pass a gas station that has the cheap shit gas for $3.10 9/10....
~I then pull into the next station that has the cheap shit for $3.08 9/10.....
~My truck isn't in the best shape and the premium would explode it's heart like a whale snorting 3 tons of cocaine.

My rationale for traveling the 1/10 of a cent of gas's 2 cents cheaper...and that may be so; or is it really at that point only 1 cent cheaper?
I would still venture a guess that had I pulled into the first station I would still have the subconscious satisfaction that the Barons intended as they raised the gas prices to $3.10 9/10.

~It's not that I'm getting my money's worth in fact they're swindling me out of .9 cents.
~No one pays attention to the fraction behind the price curtain.

We look at the number and think "Sweet jumpin' Jesus on a pogostick I sure am glad that the gas isn't 3 f*ckin' dollars and .11 cents." And we are happy for a time.
When it goes up to $3.11 we'll bitch about it.... but at that point remember that it's actually $3.11 9/10

...."Christ on a Bike I sure as hell am glad it isn't $3.12 cents"

Thank you Oil Barons for saving me from ultimate gas depression/aggression.

And if you're out yonder on the West's cheaper to buy an UZi and liberate the gas. (Prestidigitation= $$$ spent on weaponry and ammunition : preparation time away from work / loss of wages < $$$ saved on gas directly correlated to the amount of money also + saved while not driving and car maintenance, in lieu of serving creamed corn in a Federal Penitentiary $0.24hr x 8[per shift in the mess hall] along with the comforts of a few new friends)

The Quiz? .....are you going to round up or...passively enjoy the $?.?? 9/10.

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