Tuesday, May 1, 2007


I switched phone service to Verizon over the weekend owing to the fact that the coverage area is better than my last plan. Check out the service coverage maps at Verizon.com...it works everywhere. I haven't recieved any calls yet (ringer currently set....Timmy and Lords of the Underworld..TimmmmAH!!!! BRLhhh, Blplrrrrtha TinnmmmAH!), and I was wondering why until I scrolled through every damn pull down menu "techno-logie isn't my friend". I called out once and the sound was a bit garbled, so I called the provider and upgraded, which rendered my phone serviceless at work, in the area around my apartment, and while inbetween work and home. That's a F-in Bonus I think. Upgrade to Less, seems like paying more should have had a different outcome if you ask me. But you haven't asked cuz I ain't got no service. (<=insert loud, vile, socially incorrect outburst of Profanity involving a bowl of pudding an autistic monkey, and a Vespa scooter). The phone costs too much to throw against a wall. In the words of the immortal NPG. "That's Super Bull-shit!!".
I hope to have the issue resolved before Thursday, although I'm not sure how much gas it will take driving around to find service to upgrade my service to a service that serves me. WTF is that all about.

Since I started this blog thing, I don't think I've posted any feel good excerpts. I'm always yiping about stuff that's gone awry and doesn't fit into the realm of normal everyday good. Someday I swear I'll do just that....but not until I can use my expensive ass serviceless phone for something other than a paperweight that isn't heavy enough to hold paper down.

I just took a picture of myself with my phone...I'll send it to you. OH WAIT!

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