Wednesday, May 23, 2007

On the ball

I spent another 10minutes today arranging my stuff. Everything is presently lined up single file a la kindergarten firedrill ready to get out of dodge. That pretty much means the whole-shot for the new whip is getting me pretty damned amped up. Since I'm giving my couch the heave-ho off to the furniture gods...I'll be taking a few weeks and a few drop cloths to use my entire livingroom as a studio space.
Here's the creative plan..I currently have 4 hollowcore doors that are hinged together and being used as a divider/screen in the Fishbowl separating the bedding from the couching spaces. I'm going to unhinge, prime, gesso and then slash a watered down acrylic paint in one swift brush motion at high velocity (top right to bottom left) onto the four panels butted side by side. Quickly stand them up, and spritz with more water to allow for a certain minor bit of running and drippage. I say top right to bottom left to counterbalance the primary visual patterns that the eye is accustomed to follow when looking at a painting. That being a start in the lower right and circle clockwise around to the upper left. When the drips have dried...I'm going to separate the four doors (now officially gessoed mixed media panels) and place them on the longest wall in the apartment equi-distant allowing just a bit more empty space from the outer walls so as not to crowd the composition of the wall sized installation. The separation will spread the composition, but I'm hoping the pigment will hold it together even with the distance between panels. Since the doors are 7ft tall and the ceilings in the new place are 8ft...I'll only have to hang them 6inches off the floor. That should be a good start back in to the creative realm of artist that I have been neglecting since my exodus from college in 2001. Positively unequivocally awesome....and of course it'll also immediately get red paint all over the rug in the new place [even with drop cloths] and set the tone for artistic messedness. BoooYAH! Controlled abstraction.
That's the plan...of course it's subject to change at the whim of a lunatic mind. "They're coming to take me away, hee hee"
I'm also planning on going furniture shopping for the first time ever with a specific plan in mind...not necessity...just good old fashion want. "Hee hee....ha ha....they're coming to take me away" I bet a claw footed bathtub would make a spiffy recliner in the livingroom given the correct cushion selection, or maybe a nice indoor spice garden......mmmmm Basil.

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