Thursday, May 17, 2007


It may be just a few days until I get the official nod to vacate the Fishbowl and work my way over to the "OASIS". Paperwork pending I may be moving to a "luxury" apartment complex in Scotia NY. Just a stones throw from the Mohawk, down the way from the (Can you say sweet odin's raven in a pile of sheepshit it's happy hour time boys and girls?). Heck even pajama girl from C's Ditch might be your server. Of course with any dish from the dinner menu, even if I were to be eating alone...I'd "owe" me and would require that I get myself drunk and take me home to molest me slimy bastard that I am, I'd have it coming to me.... the prices are a bit much.
The particular apartment that I should most likely, probably, maybe, be moving into has a balcony over looking a duck pond and if I choose to use the social activities calendar to my advantage I could get myself into a bridge league...or rip apart the moldies playing shuffle board. Eat IT! Gramps....go change your diaper! (ok...I'm not that much of a sociopath) Eat IT! Gramma now go bake me some cookies! An air rifle would guarantee a Peking meal or two.<=insert diabolical laughter and a little chew spit dribble, uh yuP. In any event it'll be twice the size of the Fishbowl so entertaining won't be like going to a club minus the music and all the hotness, including only the bumping into and splashing drinks on everyone.
This may also turn out to be a life's ruse on the part of the man upstairs and not come to flurition. It's a shot..and gosh dern it...I'm onboard. It's only a scant 3miles from my Fishbowl, but it's a difference, not like light and day, more like Third World and Vacation resort that you pay for monthly. Bev Center and batting cages two minutes away. I'm sure that some of the riff raff and hooligandry make it out that way periodically, but the Mohawk has stiff currents and swimming across from the Dirt would plum tucker out a gold medalist. There is Freeman's Bridge but the walk to there is a big'un.
I'm looking forward to the yay or nay so that I can finish packing up the shiz from the fishbowl that I haven't already discarded.

Cross yer InterWebbed fingers.

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