Sunday, May 13, 2007

THE RETURN.....Best week Ever

After the vacation I can only sum up the trip in a few words: those being "Best Week Ever". In the coming days a full epic tale will be released highlighting the trip starting with it's send off from the Albany Int'l Airport at 11:30 pm Thursday MAy 3rd and ending at the Albany Int'l Airport 11:00 AM Saturday MAY 13th. (Mileage lapse during that time was 1275.85) Prior to the epic...I would like to send thanks out to those whom made the trip an overwhelming success. If I happen to leave out a name, feel free to come visit "me" this time around and liberally kick me in the junk.

I huge thank you to our:
Lodging friends:
Grove Street Crew
The FishBowl
D.B. and Sheri
Timmy Z
The Community Court

Beverage stops:
The Lounge
The Elks Club
Grove Street
Market Street Sunoco
The Puke and Choke
CJ's Kegs Cases and more
The Garrison
The Courcelles
The Funny Farm
Gritty McDuffs
The Dock Side
The Great Lost Bear
The Original Duck
The Golden Dragon
J. Courcelle
The Stone ??? and Mr. Scott
The Tin
The Ice House
The Bull Pen
The Carrara compound
......and the greater portion of every beer distributor known to man including yet not limited to forgeign and domestic brews. (there may have been an alien beer or two mixed in there somewhere, I'm a little fuzzy on the exact amount of fundage spent on libation.)

I would also like to thank:
Slim Jims
Tiajuana Mamas
Caribou coffee
Green Mountain Coffee
Poland Spring Water
Map Quest
Mobil Gas corp
Every damn toll booth between here and Maine and all points above and below
The Norwood Diner
Dunkin Donuts
and the various other stops along the way that have slipped my mind.

It was great to see everyone, the initial party was a blast..and the road trip was nothing short of stellar.
I couldn't have wished for a better traveling Monstu, I'm glad that you made it home safely and I look forward to the epic that shall be forth coming.

I would as like to offer my congradulations to all those whom let us know they were expecting! Congrats Guys!!!

Once I learn how to work the new phone, photos will be forth coming. They're aweful and can't do the vacation justice...but I'll add them at somepoint anyway.

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