Thursday, May 24, 2007

Opinion Page

There's a writer for the paper who for the last year has been harping on the FBI's involvement in the conviction of two gentlemen who lived in Albany, (by their peers) for being a threat to the United States and terrorism. It's been in no less than 4 papers a week for 52 weeks since the trial. I think that's pretty much enough already. They were convicted of terrorism. Convicted. If you don't want to be labeled a terrorist, and don't want to be sent to prison for being a trhreat to the USA, I've included a little pseudo conversation (playlet) below that may or may not help you. I call it.....

The Not So Terrorist.
A, (FBI Agent, willing to go undercover)
B, (A brick oven pizzaria owner, of Mideastern Decent living in Albany NY)

Scene one: (Set in the pizzaria , both players sitting over a table enjoying a slice of tasty brick oven pizza)
After some small talk and a few sodas....

A: "SO, B... wanna buy a Stinger Missle?"

(After thinking it over diligently... B answers while wiping pizza sauce from his beard)

B: "NO"

(Actual elapsed time used while thinking it over diligently < .00000000000000000000125 of a fuckin' nano second)

The End

If you should choose to answer such a simple question with anything even remotely positive.... Be prepared to get darted in the ass and wake up with a US Issue GPS tracking chip screwed into your skull. "Wake up Kent....this is GOD Kent" Even if it was under the premise that in trade for said "stinger missile" you would get a free carwash at the place down the street. Sometimes even Darwin has influence with the Government.


Monstu said...

Nice "Real Genius" reference. You just don't see many Val Kilmer movies quoted theses days.

Shaggy Bob said...

Sometimes you just can't be JV with things of this nature.
Iceman: "The plaque for the alternates is down in the ladies room."

Willem said...

I insist someone make a best movie quotes thread on the forum.