Monday, August 13, 2007


I finally got to enjoy my first golf outing of the year. I shot an 66, not bad for the first time out. I wasn't jumping out of my spikes at all, it was a par 3 course, and we only played the front 9. I can honestly say that I'm an atrocious golfer. I did have that single moment of greatness that will keep me heading back out to do it all over again. Par3, 145yd downhill to the green, and I stuck my tee shot 6ft from the pin. That was the extent of happiness all day. The snack bar didn' take plastic so I was beer and greasy burgerless as well. I think the lack of beverage put us over the edge and pushed the decision to not let me make any more of a fool of myself swinging the sticks.

I was driving home from the 'rents place Saturday to head out golfing and I lost something pretty important from my truck. 70mph, and my truck is distinctively louder...I lost a portion of my muffler. Not sure how much that'll run to get fixed, or where the parts are, but I have to do it quickly or the neighbors will be up in arms. If I don't get it repaired I may as well just pay on the horn when I get to my parking space in the am. I think the decible range is similar.


Willem said...

I'm a hacker too, but 66 on a par-three course is getting your money's worth. Were you putting from the tee-box?

We must play sometime this year. Groundskeeper's Revenge, anyone?

Shaggy Bob said...

I'm in...nothing says "great round of golf" in a more spectacular way than whackin a ball toward a tractor sitting on the green only to find out that you're chip shot over it...landed in a shite storm of 400-500 extra balls on the other side. Good times.