Sunday, August 5, 2007

A relaxing weekend?

I was fortunate enough this past weekend to stay at home and not travel for the first time in about 2months to some shindig or other. I was exhausted from the previous 8weekends of rockstar and thought that being at my place; in addition to being a convenient place to sleep, would make for a pretty good bit of down time. It turns out that I'm a social creature, I detest being my lone soul company. I get angry with me for no reason, I'm boring and I really don't have an ounce of ability to function when not gathered with a group of people with which to joke, imbibe and be merry. At least someone to sit around and not speak to.... I need peeps. I had the only personal interaction of the weekend when I visited the laundr-o-mat. I'm not very nice to people when they're eyeballing my underoos. It was hot, expensive, and took forEvaaar. They had PEZ in one of the candy machines so I popped Pez candy and watched as the dryers mesmorized me into tears of boredom.
I bought some movies to occupy my time and that didn't do it. I started working on the new painting mapping out the composition of random bars and colors, that wasn't cool. I made a tasty feast without someone to share it with. I was overwhelmed with it not being the best damn thing ever And picked it apart noting the changes that needed to be made....then cooked it again... it sucked the second time too. I had a few beers, watched some more movies...finished another book, I may as well have just been staring at a wall in a catatonic stupor, nothing felt satisfying and or accomplished.

I decided to come to work early today just to be able to speak to my co-workers. I've decided that my life can be pretty lame at times. It's tough to be a pack animal and spend a few days as the lonewolf. But I have clean underwear so I guess the weekend on the whole wasn't a total wash.

My name is Shaggy and I'm a social creature. I would drag on and elaborate my mindset of the weekend more, digging into the whole thing in a pseudo-psychological way but that would be more depressing.

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