Thursday, August 23, 2007

Toga happyhour on Friday

10minutes and an idea is all it takes to be creative. The asthetics are weak and the leading, spacing, overall composition, color scheme, art, and type face need to be re-worked: what do you want from me, it was seriously 10minutes. I'll be in Toga on Friday.

The above image has nothing to do with the establishment, sorry I'm not even Almost Famous. They do have a fine selection of draft beer and Scotch, and their menu have some tasty treats. You can view their site here=>

I'll be relaxing for an hour or so prior to an important social engagement I have planned for the evening. I've got a date with Lil Mac. Stop on in and say hello. I'll be the tree-hugger sitting at the bar being less than Green.


Monstu said...

That's freekin' awesome!!!
You know I'd be there if I could.

Willem said...