Wednesday, August 22, 2007


I'd never think that an overly obese Sweathog could make my day, but she has. I'm not being mean here, this woman may have had a lymph problem, she wasn't block out the sun large, only Orca fat, again I haven't a clue to here personal I shouldn't judge her size [she had a wedding ring cutting off her circulation so bully for her, she's one up on me in that respect]. She did however wreak, an odor from not bathing for days on end, without the happy campfire smell of a long sojourn in the woods. I was at local a Stewarts shop ready to get a cup of coffee...I had run out of the good stuff and was running a bit late for work. The samoan hopped in front of me at the coffee pots obscuring my view, I tried to peer around her to no avail, it took her so long to make And drop the first cup of coffee for herself that I decided that Dunkin Donuts was a safe bet and left. I stood behind another less bohemuth mass of woman flesh at dunkin sans the stench only to have her turn and unload a hot large french vanilla w/ cream and sugar on the front to of my scaulding of course I'm a ninja. I did have to go home and change though. Today is a coffee droppin' day! The dunkin folks offered me a free coffee after the incident ...score. I left dunkin and made the pilgramage to Subway (Wednesday being the lazy day) and ordered a sub....the monkey behind the counter pulled the freshly toasted sub out of the oven and promptly dropped it on the floor, due to the long wait and the subsequent remaking of the sub he gave the new one to me at 1/2 price and threw in a free cookie..... score. Free coffee, semifree dinner and all thanks to a Sweathog for being inordinately slow and clumsy. Today started out just fine...we'll see what the shift brings....T-minus 10hrs and counting until I head back to the homestead, open the GRE materials and start getting on, getting on with my future planned adventures.

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