Wednesday, August 29, 2007


I haven't really had anything exciting in the last few day to expound on here in blogville. I've fallen into a lazy funk, made a few dinners, and generally just lost myself in crossword puzzles. I did laundry today, another adventure to yet another dirt hole of a laundr-o-mat and decided when I arrived home with my fresh clean duds that I would file them away. On the floor of my bedroom. I could easily put them in bureaus, drawers, baskets and on hangers...but it is swelteringly hot and the thought of extra effort in my current malaise was just a bit overbearing. I don't do hot lately, I think it stemmed from the round of Golf with the D.

This weekend barring a flight to some bar-b-que and beerfest I'll be cranking the AC to get down and dirty cleaning the pad, and straightening up the piles of funktapuss.

Todays Randomness is brought to you by: Glaceau Vitaminwater (Charge lemon-lime(b+electrolytes) , the word Walter Mitty • \wawl-ter-MITT-ee\ • noun : a commonplace unadventurous person who seeks escape from reality through daydreaming and the number 32.

Paycheck to paycheck we keep rollin on.

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