Monday, August 20, 2007

Todays Randomness

Todays Randomness is brought to you by, the Landscape Architecture Masters program @ Clemson University, the word caducity • \kuh-DOO-suh-tee\ • noun 1 : senility *2 : the quality of being transitory or perishable, and the number 2008.

I had the oppotunity to chat with a wise man this past Saturday evening over a few beers and a raging fire that opened my eyes to the fact that I'm a transient person> It's not a bad thing, I've traveled cross country a number of times, Highlighting the trips by whizzing in to the Grand Canyon, and learning to two-step in a backwoods Texas Bar. I've lived in 3different states, and had 14 different apartments, I travel extensively keeping in touch with old friends. But and haven't a clue as to whether my goals in life (which are basically touch and go at this point) are ready to set into motion. In the past 6yrs I worked at a total of 4 different jobs. A University, a museum, a Depot, and now at a newspaper. Working as a preparator/registrar, exhibition coordinator, contractor sales rep. and a graphic designer respectfully. I still have no clue what I want to be when I grow up, I already took the first step by not making smiley faces on my burgers with ketchup and mustard. I can see myself building the resume by staying put for another year or so, although I'm feeling the itch again, the itch that spurred me to move to Montana, the itch that prompted my move back the old stomping grounds, and the itch that eventually landed me working where I'm currently situated. If it was only socially exceptable to scratch with steel wool, I'd be a homebody, and litter my place with exotic plants. what's the deal with this guy and his wandering ways? Damned if I know.

I've always wanted to settle down with a little lady, and make some wee Shaggies (I enjoy the concept as well as the pre-production activities...come on who doesn't!?), but the last number of years haven't afforded me the option. Now I'm working evenings and to tell you the truth I haven't met a single person outside of my co-workers since I've been 3rd shifting it. It feels like an abysmal situation that I can't escape from. I've toyed with the idea of Grad school in the past, toyed with it, played with it, and eventually lost it under the couch or under the bed and haven't seen it in too long. The option of grad school is a good one, although my GPA puts a damper on the actual school. To get into the programs I've focused my attention on requires an overall GPA of 3.2.... I'm a bit below that standard (2.89). I'm hoping that the GPA from my majors could outweigh that seeing that it's a 3.7 along with the fact that I'm not a college meathead anymore and am ready to buckle down to reign in a new start. I've recently started looking for programs that combine all the life skills and right brained-ness that I'm under the spell of. By combining the best of all worlds I think that an Architecture degree may be right up my alley. Landscape architecture would allow me to work in numerous environments. I'm an outdoorsy kinda fellow so a berth doing planning for the DEC or a Parks and Rec group, would get me out of the office as well as allow me to get some artists figiting out of the way.

Money isn't so much a setback as it it an option, I'm hovering on the poverty level as it is, and have been since my exedus from SUNY Potsdam. In fact the only real money I've made as a professional was back when I worked for SUNY Potsdam a year removed from my graduation. Since then, I've just been living paycheck to paycheck (Overall savings account balance "I'm not ashamed to admit" is a lump sum total of $11.45) If I should be accepted into a grad program, I don't see tacking another 30 or 40 grand on top of the already gargantuan student loan shite pile I've been slowly shoveling, as problematic.

The mind set of a college student is such that, school is school, college is for partying being social, eventual degrees will open doors (at least that's what I was thinking the 7yrs I stayed in the trenches). Hindsight is 20 X 20. I'm pretty confident in applying myself should the opportunity arise to look at the education process in a different light, that of a business or job. Albeit a job that you pay for instead of receiving reimbursement. Different mindset + itch to move = wonder as to whether I can successfully make another change and be happy with it.

I'll have to continue to do the do and keep my eyes open.

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spooky I was writing about my wanderlust on my blog as well.....