Thursday, August 23, 2007

ShaggyBob's cookin show

Lazy day today with an AM wake up left me strung out for something to do. No new good reads, whats that leave other than clenaing the Apt? You guessed it, ShaggyBob's cookin show. I'd rather cook than shave the toilet anyway. I decided on a little ditty from a Thai cookbook I snatched not too long ago. The only problem (which was easily solved con paycheck) was ingredients. The shelves in the Oasis are relatively bare seeing as how a single guy doesn't ever think to stockpile the goods for a plethera of different dishes from a multitude of nations. If it's frozen and in a box, I may have it, if not...I never get my hopes up. Box it, bag it, or freeze it, if it nukes bonerific.

This particular culinary treat is a garlic sesame ginger chicken hodge podge that smelled quite delectable. I added vidalia, some basil and some, and then some, and then a pinch more crushed red, and white peppers. It's not strictly adherant to the recipe because Shaggy doesn't play that game or buy into the fact that a few Cookin Show staples can't be added to any and everything. It's kinda like the Monstu's SCHMBashed Botatoes, there needs to be a little something something added to the mix.( Salivating and hating the fact that the Monstu is 3k miles away when I crave Smashed F'in potatoes...he makes the best trumping both my Moms and my Grams hands down<=insert drool to boot.) So I cooked the hell out of this Thai dish, fresh killed chicken tender little beasty at the farm (er, grocery), and just for good measure...even though I've only seen such a thing at Indian resturaunts whipped up a thermos of Mango Shake.

Tonight I dine in Heaven

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