Monday, August 6, 2007

Poor sleeping habits

I'm back to a super ridiculous sleeping schedule befitting the graveyard shift. All it takes is good book, the AC, and a decent reading lamp for a great reason to once again get into the habit of falling asleep when most of the civilized world is just emerging to start their day. If you happen to sleep in and start your day at 10am. I crashed out at 10am, and got up for work at 4pm, what was I thinkin. Nothing that's just it, I ignored the new born baby 15ft away in the adjacent apt building(both our windows were open and I wasn't the one screaming bloody murder). The baby birds newly hatched next to the Air Conditioner were boisterous, I wasn't making a peep. Even the weed whackers and mowing that sounded like they were on my pillow didn't really matter. From 3:30am tp 9am it was uninterrupted reading time for me.

I started a compilation of Stephen King Short stories. Even he has admitted that his writing style is poor, and he isn't the best prose generator in the world, very far from it. I do find that his musings are heavy and weighted with everyday substance. Thee(s) and thou(s) aren't given a chance. Cursing is used where appropriate. He's suspenseful, but you can feel the human character exhibited from his pro/antagonists. I'm a horror fan yes, but the collection I'm reading now isn't full of thrillers, it doesn't make me sleep with the covers over my head. The stories are familiar ones with most of us. The Breathing Method, The Body (Stand By Me), Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption (The Shawshank Redemption), The Apt Pupil (Apt Pupil). I've also finished The Eyes of the Dragon. Not that I want to blow his HORN but his writing keeps me locked in and I can't put it down. It's also in large print for the most part and I don't like reading at night with my glasses. [If you wear glasses you know that the worst thing in the world is to fall asleep with them on and then wake to find a new discombobulated warped monstrocity that you have to untangle and can't refit to your melon. mentally you know that all day you're wearing crooked glasses, even if unpreceptable to the masses, you know they're F@cked up, man that's annoying]

So I'm reading Stephen King, after A Tale of Two's light reading. "I'm trying to explain my reading habits to people that don't care aren't I?" well, I'm almost finished with it anyway and I think I'm going to be the bookworm this Saturday and spend all day at Barnes and Noble looking for a fresh batch of classics. If you make it to the Barnes and Noble in Toga-town on Saturday say hello, I'll be the hippy thinking about looking for reading material.... hopelessly stuck in front of the art/history section drooling on my fleece vest. I'll walk away for a few minutes at a time then mindlessly gravitate back to open an arthistory book that eclipses my truck payments in price and weighs 35lbs. I'll be doing that all day until I'm stuck and can't focus on purchasing anything.... relegated to walking out of the joint empty handed.

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