Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I'm having a great day minus sleep again. It was a tossing turning night of restlessness. Not even the cold side of the pillow was working to lull me to sleep. I'm working until 4 and have a scheduled test drive at nooner tommorrow. I know that it seems like I'll be getting enough rest, but that just isn't so. Similiar to different shifts when it comes to working, I also can't force myself to sleep without a few hours to decompress from the days festivities. Imagine coming home from work at dinner time, saying the hell with and heading right to bed...

I will undoubtedly be awake until 6 and then have to make my motley ass look at least presentable enough to stop at the bank and inquire about autoloans. Kelly is rather attractive and I want to feel/look good even though I'm going to borrow money from her. Awkward?! NAh...just a self image thing. The hour trip to the first of what I can only imagine will be 5 stops to test drive and haggle for decent prices immediately following. I'm focused enough to be vague with the sharks on the phone and through email, but I rarely deal with type A personalities well when, well, inperson. I really don't need to put blood in the water the first 5minutes some monkey tries to qualify me for the vehicle. We'll see how the first foray into the abyss of car negotiations goes tommorrow. I'm taking Thursday and Friday off this week to continue the process. Then another short vacation of Sunday, Monday and Tuesday to finish it all off if need be. 6 vehicles all very similiar, within a set price range, and a plethera of different options between them. Maybe I won't pimp myself up, and go the route of scrubby, motley, shaggy hippy grunge dude


Bill said...

"Imagine coming home from work at dinner time, saying the hell with and heading right to bed... " Dude, that's been MY LIFE for that past 2 years!! Thanks god I am moving!

And on the car front, I think you should go with a Scion!! *snicker* I mean, you're totally one of those 'Pimp My Ride" types....or do I have you confused with Platt? :-p *snicker*

In all seriousness though shaggy (at least as one talking to you can be serious!) what particular vehicles are you inspecting? Or are you going to keep your audience in suspense until the ourchase has been made?

Shaggy Bob said...

Suspense! Until they come back with a counter offer to my counter offered counter offer and drop the price a smidge to keep me from eating ramen, due to the expenses incurred additionally with regard to beer.