Monday, August 4, 2008

It's racing season

You know it's racing season in Saratoga when.......

I had been working at this point for 8days straight without any let up at the Gaz. D called and set up a Tee Time for Nooner on Sunday. I left work at 430am Sunday morning, was up by 9 showered ready to start the trip north. A little gas, a couple cups of coffee (I stopped drinking the sludge a month ago. "I saw the Matrix"). I hit the road to what seemed to be rush hour. No big whoop, I made it the 45min drive in just under an hour and a half. We hit the course to cloudy skies and a bit of drizzle. By the third hole we were terenchally blasted with sweet sweet cold rain. We were playing like PGA Pros in the rain and it was awesome. After a bit of the old soaking the sun popped out and the heat index shot up; as well as our scores, as the damp clothes were baked to our skin. We stopped at the turn for some beverages and then finished strong on the back 9. It was a beautiful day, and the course was pretty much devoid of people. Better that the only folks there were behind us so we could play at our own pace. After a fairly fast round of golf it was back to D's for a few relaxing minutes and then I headed back to the 'Dirt for work. I was a bit tired, rundown, but ready to get the evening started. Unfortunately I first had to navigate through Toga again.

Prior to even getting to the interstate I had three cars pull out in front of me. Not separately; mind you, all at once. Two SUVs with Jersey plates stormed into oncoming traffic from the left. ( More specifically ME driving along at a fair clip of 45mph) and a Black Caddy from the right. The SUVs were at a double lane intersection with no turn lane but managed to hold hands and wander ot into the road together. The Caddy pulled out of a driveway missed a head-on collision to the shoulder then snaked left in to my lane with speed. They all converged toward the same spot the size of a dime. They all stopped inches from eachother as I double footed my breaks laid on the horn and fishtailed to a complete stop. Had I been daydreaming I would have taken out three quarter panels and possibly levvied the old air bag upper cut to 7 people including myself. It was obvious from the glares of disgust that I was to fault that they all pulled out in front of me at the same time, while I calmly reached for my Driver. Fortunately it was a split second of road rage. I thought better of getting out of my truck and swinging the club around like a battle axe. I couldn't for the life of me not tailgate the last of the three to putter away from the deadstop, yeah I was honking and weaving a bit, but when we got to the next stop light I was reserved enough to stick half my body out of the driverside window and give him a curtious bow and a hearty thumbs up for his driving ability. I think that the incident would have been alot worse had I plowed into the morons. You see the check is in the mail for the truck and I doubt seriously if they would honor the 150% of retail value in excellent condition if the vehicle was no longer a vehicle but more a piece of modern art.

........ People drive like idiots.

T-minus 4 days until a much needed Vacation to visit with Steve and Rachel


Kristi said...

Oh Saratoga in the summer....

Be careful with that truck Bob, hehe, I hear it worth a lot of money!

Have fun at Steve & Rachel's.

Shaggy Bob said...

Done and done. Give Jen a hug for me and kick boone in the stones.