Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The contest flyer is almost complete. I'm waiting for a confirmation from a dealer, and if the first schmo digs real deep and goes with my offer. I'll be posting the Contest rules with a dandy brand spankin new image of myself sitting on the hood of the new vehicle. By Sunday evening. I effectively send the Frankensteiner to the boneyard at high noon tommorrow. I hear faint whistling and music from "the good the bad and the ugly" playing in my head.

If all goes as planned....(A) a quick deposit, a night of letting some cash ruminate and stink up my normally empty cavern of a bank account, then take a bunch out for a cash downpayment. ...If all goes as planned I'll be driving off the lot Friday around Happy Hour in the new whip. Laying on the horn and generally feeling good about myself in all the mid-life crisis glory.

Plan (B), wait til Monday and shark some guy named George out of a loaded to the gills semi-identical vehicle that is a yr old, has 7k mi, and a stereo system the Awrod would here in MD if he chose to turn off his new motorcycle or open his kitchen window. He doesn't ride his motorcycle in his kitchen, I meant that as two separate occasions.

Plan (C), Tuesday take home choice number three, which is identical to choice B, minus the tooth rattling stereo system. Choice C is a ringer. I can have it anytime I want it.

Last but not least Plan (Nin'er) I buy a used car for wicked cheap, pocket XXg's and get a fuckin huge flatscreen LCD TV / cable for the rest of the year, and eat Kobe Beef and truffle icecream off a bunch of Vegas Strippers.

descisions decisions


Steve said...

ummm, beef and strippers...Nin'er all the way

Kristi said...

I can't wait to see what you get!

Shaggy Bob said...

T-minus............ er, uh.... Monday, maybe, uh I think, and....stuff