Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sunday is the cut off

I have it on good authority, after a short ride in the new whip that the ladies will love the jeep.
"Sweet Ride Bob" I for one trust that since Lil Mac said it it's true!

Lots of suggestions flying this way for the contest, keep'em comin'. I'm setting a tentative date for submission close. Throw on the brain caps, and load the inbox until Sunday August 31st.I'll be in the office compiling and making a decision by a week from today. I figure, since I'm working another 12days straight again...It'll give me some time to thinkabout something else.

The hardtop gets installed tommorrow so, I won't feel as anxious driving into the 'Dirt. Something about a softtop and the locals carrying knives just on principle to protect themselves with an errant perpensity for violence and destruction.

The Jeep is awesome to the Awesometh power. I had the top down already for a trip, get decent gas mileage for rolling around in a 4.25ton brick, it tops out at 100mph with the wind at its back. I've been pulled over for having a malfunctioning turn signal, walked toe to toe, touched my nose and left with a warning to get it fixed. (The Officer and a Gentleman's exact words "just bought it and the signal is out...that's assinine, have a good night" (My thought exactly Mr. PoPo) That will be remedied as well tommorrow at the dealership to alieve my full intensions of working my way into a restraining order from the salesguy.

I have photos but can't use my desk or work station to upload them. The blue in the flyer is a bit bright and not true to the vehicle. It's more of a deep dark gray with a minor blue tint. I'll see what I can do to post one or two tommorrow with each of the soft and hardtops.

BAck to work.

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