Saturday, August 23, 2008



Anonymous said...

Do Not use this as the name for your vehicle, I beg of you.

I just wanted to share my own amusement, that I'm tired enough right now to be stuttering even without speaking out loud; I saw your poster thing and thought, "Oh, look, Beep got a Job." Which is just wrong on so many levels.

Job's Beep, indeed.

Willem said...

"It's not a van, lady, but the back's still for humpin'!"

Names for Jeep:

Black and Blue
Son of a Frankensteiner
Junior Frank
The Accomodator
The Hatchback of Schenectady

Names for Trip:

(Precede each with Bob's, Shaggy's, or ShaggyBob's as appropriate.)

... Roadhouse Roadtrip
... Ass-Numbing Nonstop Hangover
... Manifest Boozery
... Fag-Stomping White-Power Hate-Tour

BONUS! Slogans for Trip:

"Breaking speed and consent laws in a town near you."

"Four wheels and a fifth wheel."

"Sowing the seed of love across America."

"As seen in your local police blotter."

Anonymous said...

Willem, you know, you could just invite him out to visit.

Timmy Z said...

LOL Willem, leave it to you to come up with those!! Those are really good. If you'll let him, on his way he can pick me up. :-) I own an air mattress, so no need to worry! And a tent if need be!

I'm thinking. I'll have some good ones soon, don't you worry....

Timmy Z said...

Ok, I got one... yeah, just one:
Shaggy's Mother Jeeping Tour
starring The Urban Desert Dog [Sahara -> desert - get it??? :-)]

a lil cup of Jo said...


a lil cup of Jo said...

Or just one word?


O'Neill said...

C cubed = Commando Case Carrier