Saturday, August 30, 2008

get bent or not get bent that is the question

My work station at the orafice has finally shit the bed. Now I have to guest blog from various other terminals on the floor until I get my own territorial spot back. That right there... yup that sucks. I'm not visciously territorial, I'm not going to naw someones arm off if they sit in my club sandwich cubicle (open faced get it?). I just enjoy having a space to wander to everyday. I don't have a favorite parking space, I don't care which urinal I stand infront of. I could careless about which side of the elevator I stand on. I do enjoy my desk, it has my personal effects, it has notes scattered about, it has a snack drawer. Over the last year there have been 3 part-time employees that seem to all want to share in my deskitude. I basically show up at work and have no work station. It only happens about 15hrs a week now, but it was pushing 25 awhile ago. Now my computer is down. I'm on the verge of getting seriously bent.

Just what the doctor ordered for a 10day stint at the place of biz.

I was contemplating posting the entries for the new names of ShaggyBob's life journey just for comedic value... there are some really hefty, deep, phylisohpical notes that I have to consider. I do have to mention that one of Willem's entries has already gotten the kaibosh. "Shaggybob's White Power Hate Tour" didn't make the cut, it just can't happen. Sorry man, I'm evil, sadistic and lecherous, but I'm not a KKK Chuck sort of guy.(I knew a guy once that I called KKK Chuck it fit him well, not so much me)
=>47minutes elapse=>

Technology can kiss my fuzzy white ass, yup....getting bent

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Willem said...

Dammit. That one felt like the winner to me...