Thursday, August 14, 2008

What F'in Color?

It was indeed High Nooner today when I signed the final papers and took the cash money from the people at Toyota. I was unexplainably sad. I actually sat in the cockpit for an hour before the transfer people showed up to take him away. I couldn't remember any bad stuff and you all know there was some really shitty truck times for me I can tell you. I was daydreaming about sno-tubes, being bogged down with kegs, driving in Noreasters w/zero visability w/o any apprehension, and I gleaned remembered snipits from all the road trips over the last five years. "The FunTruck has officially left the building".

The guy taped a piece of paper to the inside of the windshield that said something to the effect of "Unviable for sale, defunct, busted, broken, dead, do not drive...headed to the (boneyard.............!?. He taped another piece of paper to the hood, it was in blue crayon "#5". He asked if I had all my things and started snapping pics with a digital. I said yes. "Last chance" he casually spoke out loud "we're crushing it at 4" [There was a semi car-carrier in the back lot being loaded with Tacomas that looked like they were torn out of a war zone at the last minute, being loaded up] The Frankensteiner looked Regal comparatively. At 4pm today Frank was turned into a solid hunk of metal the size of a refrigerator.

Have you ever watched the Incredible Hulk. I walked away, off to the east, and never looked back. (( ))


What am I?


Slate Blue


Maroon / Burg

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O'Neill-524 said...

Are you two mutts drunk yet?