Thursday, August 7, 2008

The End of Days

Sitting at my work station 12days into a complete clusterf*ck work stint I'm looking forward to getting out of here. 12hrs can't pass fast enough. We have a little saying here when all the work is finished and we're ready to go. Since it's the nightside it's not a real statement, correct in grammar. It's a simple "whelp" uttered in an exhaustive tone that denotes a feeling of let me the hell out. I WHELPED hard when I was riding the elevator to the 2nd floor today on my way in. Good times.

On an unrelated note, it finally appears to be the last hoorah for the Funtruck. All the paperwork is complete, and I'm waiting for the contact that gives me date and time to sign over the title and send the Frankensteiner to the boneyard. One last weekend roadtrip. ShaggyBob's Funtruck Booze Cruz will be given a new title, and an alternate vehicle will have to be Christened with a new name. This last excursion will have me traveling to CT to visit with Steve & Rachel to celebrate a wedding reception of sorts at their place. It should be good times and a fitting end to the life and times of the Tacoma.

Next weekend Z may make the trek to the 'Dirt for some rowdy ghetto bar crawl brawlin and stabbings. And perhaps drive in the new pig.

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