Wednesday, January 24, 2007

4hrs of Food Shopping

Although most people think of Malwart as a bain to society. I find after looking at my W-2 that the food-mart has better prices than the Nisky Food Co-OP...on average only 3$ cheaper for everything. You won't find Free Range Chicken broth, but a boys gotta eat...and I've been working out lately and I needs me some foods. (don't worry ladies...I'm still wafer thin, and zombie-esque... I'm not overly ripped yet) I spent an inordinate amount of loot today to stock the fishbowl with provisions that should last me until April, or two weeks from now depending on whether or not I want to serriously get my eat on. It took me 4 hours to get my shopping finished for a few reasons. The first is that my place is boring, I already primed a few canvases in the last few days, and also didn't feel like smelling like Plastilina today. Since I was up at 10am, there was nothing to do.
I wandered around the mega-store people watching with an air of snootiness...I'm not like these people I thought, "ever been in a Walmart in the wee hours of the morning? The freaks come out at night"..then had the realization that I'm no better than anyone. I'm a walmart shopper today..everyone else here is doing the same thing. Except "that guy" whose sticking stuff in his puffy jacket. I'm definitely above that guy. I shopped and shopped, loaded fresh veggies, frozen dinners, Party sized Stouffers goodness that will last about one know all the essentials. I then spent another hour searching for the perfect treat to compliment my cream? nah....donut goodness for breakfast? nah.....chocolate somethings that will make me break out in huge spots and look like a heroine addict, nah....... I decided on not deciding, and headed for the checkout. I bought pants on the way...hell they were right there. It was the first time in 10months that I couldn't hit the express aisle. I felt good.
I later stopped at Stewarts and bought 2 half gallons of icecream, I couldn't resist.
I returned to the fishbowl and noticed that they had washed the blood off the sidewalk bully for the cleaning crew. Mugs was at it again...two customers, I went in and unpacked the groceries.
Not a bad day for a guy used to sleeping until 3pm letting the world spin by preferring the back of my eyelids to the funk that is the 'Dirt.
TONIGHT I EDIT the COMICS for the week...(<=insert gratuitous laughter) I get paid to do it.

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