Monday, January 29, 2007

Magnify the most difficult details

As my bank account grows I consistantly find new reasons and new things that I want to spend my hard earned cash on. After bills and whatnot that leaves little or no ME money but I can always skimp on food stocks. I don't know if I've mentioned before that I wanted to start in earnest to be one of those regular apes that spends a dollar a day on a dream in hopes of winning the lottery. Winning the big one, being the go to guy for any slime out there that wants to solicit donations from a super rich philanthropist. The last, um everytime I submit numbers for the Mega, bazillian ball lottery to open my chances I'm generally off by about 5 numbers. Since there are only 5 numbers chosen to pick the winner...I'm never too happy about the outcome.
I changed my mode of thinking and have moved on to a different lottery, kind of. Today was another adventure with the vending machine lottery. It may seem stupid, and it may be a bit juvenile...but gosh darn it. I play the vending machine lottery and I win almost everytime. One dollar and a dream...I put my dollar into the machine, punch in a number and almost instantly I get a prize. Today I played the number E6 and won an Iced tea. (extatic? you betcha!)
It sometimes doesn't work and I lose the vending machine lottery, case in point... I typed in the number f5 the other day and was expecting to win some trailmix. It wasn't in the cards...the prize for F5 got stuck. I eventually strong armed my prize from the machine. I put a shoulder into it, grabbed it by its sides and shook the hell out of it. Eventually the machine relented and dropped what was coming to me. I couldn't help thinking how doing that at the lotto machine in the local convenience store would have landed me in jail. Quick pick/ scratch off..."no winners" grabbing the clerk and thumping their skull until the register opened and gave me some money. On occasion I've even gotten double the prize, a week ago I played the number B2 and not only won some Snyders Pretzels, but also pulled down a bonus of oreo cookies. That means that someone may have lost in the lottery and didn't have the muscle to beat the machine into submission to retrieve their winnings. I'm gonna stick to the vending machine lottery it makes me feel good to win.

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Kate said...

Seems like there might be a warp in your space-time continuum if you were to go to one of those grocery stores with lottery tickets sold from vending machines. Talk about vertiginous.