Sunday, January 28, 2007

Festering weekend

Again I festered this weekend, I had planned to travel and make a few suprise stops to see friends in 'Cuse, P-dam, and the Toga on the return round trip.. I had nothing but fester.(Not uncle fester...If I had a relative that could light a lightbulb in his mouth that'd be odd) I woke up on Thursday morning and my eye itched a turned to border line ouch by the end of my shift staring at the computer Thursday evening, and when I awoke on Friday "Morning"; yes morning...10am, I was going to hit the road, my left eye had "the funk", it was cemented shut such that you could only see something similar had you landed on Planet LV426, Or watched any of the the scifi Aliens movies having seen the cocoons and stuff. I had to chisel my eye open. No chest bursting little critters, but one hell of a time opening the eye.
I decided that since most of the folks I would have visited had young children, some very young, that it would be best that I not bring my funky eye to their residences. It's not like I would actually pick up one of their kids and touch my eyeball directly to one of the childrens' ewwww with a capital ewwww. I thought it best to keep my eyes to myself. It would have been horrible for Uncle Bob to deliver temporary blindness to the wee ones.
Don't be worried, my eye is better, although they do have more green color than usual this week, it seems to be taking over the gray and brown. Or perhaps I just haven't noticed cuz I don't look into my eyes much until there is a problem. So there is the weekend round-up, I had a festering gunk that turned my eye color more decidedly green, and didn't have the chance to leave home, not wanting to infect the young of my friends.
They pay me at the Gazette, so I'll tak ethis opportunity to start another glorious weeks wages.

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