Thursday, January 4, 2007


Headed back to G-ville to pick up the Frankensteiner then I'm going to relax for a few and eat some homecooking, It'll be a nice change to the pre-packaged stuff that I've grown used to eating. I'll let the melon adjust to normal after the brain swellage. If you happen to run across and interesting ladies that A.) stay up late, B.)sleep during the day, C.) wouldn't mind a dude cooking for them, D.) Can effectively take a once social person and get them back into the groove of life, E.) Don't mind randomness and F.) laugh at humorous things that only I find funny ...send her my way. Or you can wrap up her head and put it in a box addressed to 5 Ghetto Ln. Schenectadirt NY. I'll have my people pick it up we'll ahve dinner, chat, maybe watch a movie...

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