Sunday, January 21, 2007


I just spent an entire weekend engaged in an activity that anyone can do...but many don't have the opportunity. I did absolutely nothing; I FESTERED. I sat on a friends couch, watched TV and when the occasion presented itself, I ate food. Saturday I wasn't functional until 9pm after a day long snooze, all day long. I showered for the first time since Friday morning, just prior to returning to the Cubical goodness that is my work station this evening. I was what some people consider funky, only I couldn't discern "funk" until after I washed it all off. I was ripe with funk. It felt funky.
Two weekends of nothing make Bob a somethign something. I would steer toward waste of space, but I recieved an email from a friend in ME and her ex-beau in CO is officially now on the roster of people that use up our oxygen. I may waste space...but I damn well deserve oxygen so we'll not steer down that path.

I think it's just about time to make the rounds again and start the winter travel schedule in earnest. The only prob. Where to first? I don't mind traveling within a 5hr circumfrence from my current locale, as long as it affords me time to zip home prior to returning to work. I'm not the biggest fan of my own funk as stated above, but the work doesn't have any issues with it at all, even on my most putrid days I still have a flowery smell as compared to some of the pressmen out in the back. Leaving funky plays no hand in departure times. SO that's my dilemna for the week, it's not rotten milk, I have a food in the fridge, and I'm starting to manage to roll out of bed prior to 2pm nowadays (except Saturday, that really doesn't count cuz I was couch surfing). Where to?

Where to?

Help me out thinkin shoes=

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