Friday, January 12, 2007

Learing a new language

Yeah, so Japanese is wicked haaaard. Spanish is beyond me after basic vocab ( I wasn't a good student in college nor highschool, and I haven't made it to the Southwest other than a doing a fly-bye burning the skin on the one arm sticking out the window, due to busted AC; but only until I switched to the passenger seat. Ah Balmorehia you sound like a disease. ). So what does a skinny ass honky like me do for a few hours at the end of my shift: find a Jive translator.

It's more understandable than Norwegian, and if I had wanted to pursue swahili, I would ahve attended St. Lawrence University.

I've taken this opporunity to translate the first stanza in the Hoker on a bike edition of Roxanne into both Jive and Norwegian for reference.

Roxanne, ya dont gots ta ride yo' bike tonight
Those days iz over
You dont gots ta pedal into da night
Roxanne, ya dont gots ta wear dat skirt tonite
Ride da streets fo' money
You dont care if its dark or if its light don't make me shank ya!

Roxanne, De dont rir Deres bike I kveld
De dager er over
De dont må det pedal inn I natten
Roxanne, De dont sliter den skjørt tonite
Rir gatene for penger
De dont bekymring om dets mørk eller om dets lys

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