Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Whispers from the Stone Age

I've just completed reading Whispers From The Stone Age, written by David Gardner. I'm not a great book critic so if you need a review, look on the site for the reviews from others that were able to read the piece.
I was however convinced his proposal that we are, in fact, still Stone age humans was closer to fact than fiction. I re-evaluated some of the actions and reactions I have to my surroundings and wouldn't you know it, after just a few days of looking upon the world in a different light I feel better. Not so depressed, not so bitter. The writing style itself is a conversational spin on brainstorming I guess you could call it. "I've spoken with David...he writes like he converses"'ll keep you focused on the points he's highlighted. Even if a tangent develops it'll eventually wind its way back to the original premise and flow into the book as a whole.
Since I fancy myself a right brained individual...some of the book presented problems registering in my melon. That registering problem was null and void with respect to the description of how we are actually made of energized empty space though. Smoke that pipe if you can without knowing physics. (I don't know physics, but I know I'm empty now)
I was completely impressed by his description of the sexes, and the reasons for why we act the way we do...and whom actually carries power in choosing the whos who among breeders. I must not be symetrical enough to warrant lots of byrds choosing me to psuedo-father their would be children. (<=insert gratuitous sexual inuendos and stuff). (Or maybe the reason rests in the fact that I just used the word Byrd to describe women....pretty shallow, that's me least I didn't say Lizard {that's my Dad's saying} "Check out those lizards")
If you have the option, give it a read. That's All I'm gonna say about that.

Whispers plug (check)

Oh, yeah...... I saw the hooker on the bike again, this time she was wearing a puffy jacket and a miniskirt. Pedal away oh lady of the night...pedal away. Sometime soon I'm gonna have to get a camera phone and take a still image....surreal is surreal and she's the Sch'dy Dali

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