Thursday, January 11, 2007


After repeated battering in the last few weeks, it seems my immune system isn't too happy with me. It could be that it's finally not 70 degrees, I'm not sure. Ill is bad...specially that achy my hair even hurts ill. For me gone are the 7yrs of college without a single sickness that wasn't completely my fault. While attending various degree programs I supplimented my diet with plenty of quainine and gin to subdue any would be viruses, head colds, and general maladies, with the occasional intelligence lapse. Now that I'm not pickled on a regular basis my immune system has returned to mild mannered Clark Kent status.
A weekend of rest approaches

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Willem said...

Be well, Mr. Bob. Remember - anyone can take a single dose of NyQuil, but it takes a real man to drink the whole bottle.