Wednesday, March 28, 2007

And thennnn.........

I was searching the Intarweb today and saw a post from Miss Kate. It involved some supermarket flirtation and whatnot. I had to know add my $0.02 in the comments. And then it got me thinkin' of a strange dream of the perfect fantasy woman I had a number of years ago... it hinged on my ideal lady and a darker side of stupidty that I thought you would find remotely humorous. It follows unabridged as an example of a random thought in my head.

My Moon Goddess and eventually the woman I will no doubt spend the rest o my life with is a "beautiful person" (that's personality wise and not physically <=shallowness factor disclaimer) who isn't afraid to stand in the sunlight of a open bay window allowing the gentle breeze to flutter her flowing white linen garments elevating her closer to a spritely semi-dream like apparition. And then at the same time wouldn't be opposed to walking into a dark candle lit room wearing thigh-high black vinyl 6in stelettos, carrying a whip, and a bag of dog treats. Why you ask...I haven't the foggiest clue. Thus far in my professional career as a not so politically correct bachelor guy...I've seen neither.

Living Sch'dirt it's next to impossible to run into any woman ready to don the garb and let it rip. If I had the 5G's for an Escort service or wanted to partake in one of the local Canadian Ballets (strip clubs)...perhaps. I don't have 5K...and I'm not a fan of the Ballet. I'm also ramping up on my Cyprido-Cyclophobia as of late with increased sightings.

Someday I'll grow up....someday.


Kate said...

Maybe she could split the difference and just were grey all the time?

Shaggy Bob said...

Like a thundercloud of Love : )