Monday, March 12, 2007


Spring is just about here, and is threatening at the door. It was a beautiful day today in the 'Dirt which makes me a bit sad. Here's how my day broke down prior to coming to work. I woke up at the unheard of hour for me called 10am, not because I needed to get outside and be in the sun, not because I was ready to go out and be part of society...I woke up because it was too bright in my place to stay sleeping. I eventually looked out into the blinding sun, closed the blinds snaked a winter wool hat on my head covering my eyes and eventually ventured back to sleep land.

My supervisor is headed to FL for two weeks and that means that as the second in command [from 2-3am] I get to stay later even, to make sure that everything runs fine. That means that I'll be picking up OT, but won't be leaving work until 4/5am....then there's the sun to deal with. I'll be tossing and turning for 2weeks if the conditions stay the same.
I've tried my damnedist to work my internal clock back to waking around 11am, with no luck.(1:30-2pm standard) I'm hoping that the sun will go away, letting me sleep later or I'm outfitting my place in black and hanging tarpaper over the inside of my windows, at that point I bleach my skin to Micheal Jackson white...goth out, and get my teeth molded for elongated canines. To cap it rings, every finger both hands.....hiss at people on the street, and drink nothing but red wine (I'll take iron suppliments).
It's brutal working evenings. =>Starts crying like a kid that had his favorite toy taken away..............N.O.W<=. I used to worship the sun, now I dislike it / border-line abhor it.

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