Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Sun is out

The sun is out, and I was able to stand it today for a few hours... I'm looking forward to changing my life schedule in the near future with the new place (somewhere) and a healthier outlook as well as diet and exercise regiment. I'm ready to quit smoking again for the thousandth time and I'm going to buy some bowling shoes, jello, and a giant black Sharpie.
My new dreams of a different life stemmed from the crossword puzzle in todays paper. I was able to finish that sucker in 3minutes. Bully for me, I am so SMRT. Some people knit, some play video games, I read and do the crossword [Jeopardy is on when I work and I don't have cable, "The Penis Mighter- you're sitting on a gold mine Trebeck!"]

Todays randomness has yet to present itself to me...stay tuned for an update later in the evening.

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