Monday, March 5, 2007

Have You Seen this man?

I canibalized this photo from a friends' Website without his permission and for that I apologize.

...I expect to see the court papers in the mail within the week and am ok with wearing the carrot suit and silver braclets for copywrite infringment. I have taken the time to conceal his identity as best I could to keep hoards of screaming oppressors from inundating me with requests for his exact location. Those of you who may know this gentleman are for the most part on the side of the righteous as well, and I'm sure that his absense from the east coast had gotten you in the dumps just as it did for myself. He's back now and living somewhere in New England. May his quest be unmarred by interference from the Gov't, and other doldrums keeping him down.

Poignant to the statement emblazened on his shirt I have no doubt that he will someday be able to save not only Leeroy...but all of those whom have fallen under the thumb of unrighteousness....

I fight for Freedom...I am a monkey....I am not alone..

If by chance you run into this individual I should like to request that you liberate for him a fine example of free and cold libation. I have no doubt that he'll enjoy even the nastiest of swill as long as it is accompanied by good conversation and monumentally excessive use of Sarcasm. "No really, I'm super Cereal"

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Shaggy Bob said...

Apparently Batboy and Leeroy Jenkins are are two photos that my blog can't support. It's a sad fact but I can't be the bringer of good humor when faced with the batboylessness nor the Leeroy J. unphotoability