Sunday, March 18, 2007

Lazy Weekend

St. Patty's Day was a bust. Although Friday evening I a couple of 18 or so beers and shoveled. Irving my neighbor and I had a good laugh when I stumbled into a snow bank while cleaning off his side of the cement slab we share as a front porch. Saturday I woke early for me, made the super-breakfast and then shoveled...I ventured to Katie O'Bryen's, Pinhead Susan's, the Union Inn and a few other joints but couldn't get into the spirit with nothing but strangers surrounding me. It's Tough to be the jackass when facing crowded rooms of unknowns. (alas no Irish step dancing for this guy) So I retired from the fight early and relaxed in the fishbowl for the remainder of the afternoon. As much as I enjoy my own company...I wear on my nerves after 8 hrs of being cooped up with me. I can't imagine how terrible it is for folks I usually hang out with on a regular basis to put up with my bullshit.
I'm getting old I guess.....I'm set in my ways and I haven't the energy or the focus to change my poor habits and elevate myself past societal inapropriateness. It's time to re-evaluate it all again and make the proverbial pro/con list of my life.
[dun, dun, duhhh.......]

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