Thursday, March 15, 2007


That pretty much cements my plans for the St. Patrick's Holiday celebration. I doubt I'll be traveling to anywhere exotic. SO....for those of you in the Capital Region, Saratoga Spring, and the millions of fans watching around the world....Let's get ready to BummmmmmmBLE!! Stagger lurch trip stumble and fall style here in teh area for the drunk'en-ist, rowdiest throw down in snowy weather.

Keep your eyes open for the Asshole wearing the green flight helmet,w/ the gianormous shamrock painted on it. I'm lacin' up my hip waders and heading into the fray...Riverdance that sucker, YeAH! Way to go Mav......

If you happen to see me feel free to stop and say hello...I'm sure all will be in good spirits. Guinnessessesesese and all. I'm hopin' to find Murphey's Irish Stout on tap somewhere but don't think they have that particular libationary treat north of NYC.

Corned beef hash omlette, a pound of bacon, two everything bagels, potatoes, a banger or two and then It's stuffed out the door for this guy @ 9am Saturday to brave the storm.

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