Wednesday, March 14, 2007

St. Patty's DAY

I've no plans, and for that I've been kicking myself in the junk. I haven't really done the College St. Drunkys day in a number of years, and although I would enjoy getting up at the ass crack of dawn, or maybe just not going to sleep to get drunk with a bunch of strangers in downtown 'Dirt... I can only see ruffians and hooliganry making itself known around nooner and that I don't want to be part of. =>Imaging a random drunken question: Whatchu you lookin at foo' ?....ME: spirit fingers and Riverdance Beeatch!
I may have a few in the mid-afternoon while swimming in my fishbowl. What I would like to do is fly my ass to California for the weekend, to attend the get together of the Monstu and his 50gallons of homebrewfest for the St. Patrick's celebration in Aptos. Funding and an over all malaise will keep me from accomplishing that.
I'm close enough to the City Center to actually sit out on my concrete slab and get dripped on by the porch of my upstairs neighbor, and listen to the wailings and the fiddle playing.... Next year I'll be living in a better place and will be within walking distance of the nightlife of block and all the 'Glass has to offer, 365days a year, the cute Irish Bartender Maggie O'. She may be in her late 30's, have I mentioned before that when a lady slides you a pint and then says "tank ya love" mopping up the tip it's heaven. (She's actually a little bulldog lookin thing, but the accent elevates her)
T-minus 3days and counting

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