Sunday, March 25, 2007

Apartment Hunters Guide to the Universe

I've been in the process of looking for a new place to call home given that the Fishbowl lost is novelty the second I slept there for the first time, and the 1yr lease is soon to run out. There are too many factors to keep in mind all at the same time being the disorganized monkey I am It's hard to keep all my ducks in a row. (I just created a great run-on sentence with both Ducks and Monkies. That could be the most profound thing I've done all weekend)

After searching relentlessly for the last month I found a place that is a bit of a commute, that has charm, ample space and little to no extra rent involved. (same rent actually) It's in South Glens Falls, a 35/40minute commute from the Gazette, 20 min from Togatown and basically right at exit 17 of the Northway. Easy access to the highway....most of my family within a short distance. My folks are exstatic.....and I could deal with the commute. I'm going to try to keep my options open and not commit right away, but a 1br place with a walk in closet the size of half a bowling appliances, new kitchen...a bathroom with both window and ceiling vent, central air, (quiet neighbors...three apartments in the building I would occupy one end apartment, the central apartment is vacant owing to the property purchase stipulations leaving it open for a snowbird in the event that she wants to return from FL. anytime in the next two years, the third apartment 30yds away would have a family with two children...not a big deal). I believe that heat would be included in the rent...and I would have to work out the rest of the utils myself...but that's no big whoop. It has ample wall space and an alcove in the design that could double for a open studio space if I gave up on the whole idea of having a full sized dining room set for the likes of me the single guy who hasn't entertained in 10yrs. hmmmm?!

I'm pretty much sold but If a place opens in the Ballston Lake area, Saratoga Lake front, or Toga-town which is closer and allows pets...I could easily be swayed from the almost perfect set up. I'm thinking the commute would suck, but for the price and availablility to highway's pretty damn good. We'll see. I still have until June 1st for my lease to run out, I'm thinking I'll end up moving in May and doubling the rent aspect to allow for a leisurely move but that's not set in stone.

If I do move to SGF dinner party at my place on Saratoga Racing's Opening day after busting on the ponies and the twenty minute return trip. Sans the dining room table of course.


Sara said...

You mean we might be neighbors? We can get from exit 17 to Albany airport in 30 minutes without going much over 70 on the Northway, if that helps figure out your commute any.

Can't wait to hear what you decide!

Shaggy Bob said...

I'm pretty much sure that the SGF place will be the one. it's owned by Toadflax Across the street from their office.... it would be the apartment closest to the first large greenhouse. I say that it is most probable cuz my stepbrother owns the biz and isn't advertising, he just wants to fill the gianormous place when it's convenient. Although I don't know if I could handle having him as a landlord!? we'll see : )