Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Apartments AGAIN.........

Anxious, yes! It's just a few short weeks until I give final self eviction notice from the little troubled fishbowl. I've been waiting patiently for a few complexes (not mine, the kind that have apartments attached) to return calls and to finally get a budget in order with which I can make my final decision. One particular apartment is 45min from work, I could set up a bowling alley in the walk-in closet, large kitchen, and viable little studio space that I can finally be creative in once again.

This emaculate larger than needed place is rented by my step-brother, he was defunct in contacting me for the better part of a month and I learned by way of my folks that he was fully expecting me to move in. Rubbed the wrong way....yes I am. A simple email reply would have had me moving all my worthless shite to the place in a week. As it stands now, I've already invested $125, for security background checks and application fees with other places. I hate to tell him to go scratch, but spending money to have people tell me I'm not a criminal and my credit is good, and also supplying them with money to consider me for a tenancy has brought me to the conclusion that I'm riding out the storm and keeping me options open.

I have yet to receive the long awaited email from Step-brother, although I did get a telephone call to meet up with him and discuss the apartment dealy. His time frame...between 7am and 8am on Friday. We all know "this guy" (ME) works evenings and returns from work around 3-330am any given work night, 45minute drive, no sleep, and a meeting in the AM. huh? It would be doable, but I've scheduled three appointments to view other places later in the morning and early afternooner of that day. Nerrrrrrrr. I would scrap those other appointments but one in particular cost me 50$ (I'm neither a criminal, nor is my credit bad bonus dollars). That pretty much makes my plans set in stone.

Last time I felt that I needed this much anxiousness in my life I was driving to Montana in preparation for changing my life accepting a position in the Art History department of Montana State University, it turned out that 9/11 happened while I was driving through the Blackhills of South Dakota. I had left Syracuse after a brief visit with McG, and took the whole shot, I stopped for a total of 6hrs on the drive out, no radio in my shitbeater, caffiene and nicotine fueled driving badass. I arrived in Bozeman, stopped at the Univ., they had instituted a hiring freeze due to the National developments. No job, no apartment, everything I owned in my Taurus. I only knew two people in town at that point. The hotel front desk clerk, and the bartender at the Molly Brown Tavern, LeAnn. I had enough money to stay for three days, at the end of which I would have enough gas money to tuck tail and limp back to good old NYS. Anxiety pretty much left after a few pints. LeAnn introduced me to Briana at the Molly over a pticher of Fat Tire Ale. Briana and I went for a hike in the Bridgers with Rimbaud; her mutt, the next day. I Moved into her place later that evening and magically I had a place to stay for a month, while looking for a means of supporting myself. (Rimbaud sealed the deal with my moving-in with Bri, he had the tendancy to bite everyone and scare the BaJesus out of neighbors, friends, and poodles in the area alike, Me he liked). I ended up working for Kenyon Noble Hardware and Lumber carrying sheetrock and shingles, picked up my CDL, and got to bomb around the yard on forklifts. Great change of pace...I didn't even need the 7yrs of school and the 4degrees. From there I moved on to Big Sky and worked for a guest ranch..wasted my life away with outdoor activities and final grew sick of living in paradise. I returned to P-dam to work for the Roland Gibson gallery. Anxious year at best.

At least now I know I have a job; and if need be, a self-storage area for my junk, and a tent to sleep in since the summer is soon approaching. Now that I think about it.....there's no need to be anxious F'-it! I'll be moving somewhere in the upcoming month, and resume my vampiric life from another well suited cript. This folks is what happens to the human mind when it spends an inordinate amount of time keeping itself company. I'm getting pretty sick of me myself and I.

Wow... I think it's time I head back out West . Apartment issues are nothing. Ramble ramble ramble.....

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