Monday, April 23, 2007

Narrowed down

Due to the excessive costs and the time table that presented itself, I've decided on a new place to live and am only waiting for a background/credit/pee in a cup/deliver a baby/replace a transmission check/test to come back perfect. Then I can wait for a few weeks and move at my leisure.

If the place doesn't deem me quality enough to move in. You'll see the fire bombing begin at exit 7 of the Northway. I'll be the naked guy wearing only glow in the dark boxers on his head driving in reverse flashing my high beams and honking non-stop until I get to the Ballet in Cornwall CA, a few short lines later and I'll continue my flight from the US Gov't and live in obscurity off the grid, some where in Canaaaadah eh?

Although I'm fairly positive that I make enough money to fit the Complex's income bracket. Hell even my bank said I was credit worthy. (Best kept secret in the world, up until last year I hadn't held an account-- I believed in cash and carry, no plastic, no paper trail, banks are out to get you). If I didn't have the cash I wouldn't spend it. Now, not so much...Mastercard that shit!!

So I cross my fingers, and wait to hear back from them...time frame for response Monday or Tuesday.

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