Monday, April 16, 2007


I just recieved a narsty email from some monkey with an ebay account. He's officially told be that I'm a thief and that I took his daughters birthday money...strange? You betcha...It was the email account that I use with personal emails. Not the email account I use for business stuffs like Ebay. He's definitely mistaken me for some one that shafted he and his daughter. It was a good two pages long and fairly irate concluding with You're going to jail M-F'er. Against my better judgement I decided to write this guy back and explain that I wasn't the "jerk" he sent money to, in fact I've never sold anything on ebay, nor have I posted something to bid on. Imagine if you will the email I decided to compose for him. It from my end, included bits about his daughter, and himself, as well as a hearty Go Pack Sand in your Ass you ill informed piece of Gorilla dung. It also had a great little bit about how I wasn't going to send him Item because I gave it away to a friend instead...the item? You got me....he didn't specify but I'm sure my pal Jack Mehoff will enjoy it just the same. I'm hoping it was a retro my lil pony something or other. I hope and trust that he will consider my retort as nothing but pure apology for his screwed-ness and my lack of having a hand at ruining his daughters B-day. I did mention that if he would continue with sending me such tripe I would no doubt move ruining his family birthdays up on my list of things to do; right after, pissing on George W's leg while giving the State of the Union address.

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