Sunday, April 8, 2007

Happy Chocolate Rabbit day

I hope and trust that you were all able to spend the Holiday with family and friends. Whether you were celebrating religiously or not, and following the trail of an elusive chocolate egg laying Mammal of prestidigitationary goodness.

I've only a few things to say to some folks that are here in Sch'dirt that are out as a group standing on a sidewalk on the day of the observance for the resurrection of their "Lord". If I hadn't been late for work I would have returned to my Fishbowl, donned the Robes I'm wearing in the image at the bottom of the page, walked past your picket protest party, directly into the Planned Parenthood and showed the fine folks that put up with your crap my support. Couldn't you have given it a rest and not been outside holding ridiculous signs and yipping slogans that fell way short of "one, two, three, what are we fightin' four, don't ask me I don't give a stop is Viet-NAM". "A_B_R_S_H_U_N is uh.....wrong and stuff... Right Beavis?"

On a day that bible thumpers are supposed to celebrate some resurrectionifourusness, you're making it uneasy for people to promote healthy and non-risky behavior among the youth of the area that desperately seek the help. GO HOME TO YOUR FAMILIES!!!! Not to be "that guy" but I hope the placard resurrects itself in your dreams for the rest of your "DAMNED" existance.

It doesn't help your case with liberty of free speech if you're holding a 4' x 4' placard that has a full color image of an aborted fetus on it. In fact, your point; at that moment in time, becomes null and void. You are officially sick FUCKS with no business being out of the confines of your basement torture room with fecal grafitti on its walls. If I went outside and stood in front of your house with a 4x4 image of bunny entrails on it I can almost gaurentee that you'd call the cops and say that my portrayal of the Easter Bunny on your special holiday was offensive. I'm buying a bag of play sand at HomeDepot just for you and a little green plastic shovel....go pack it in yer ass. read up Momos, or take your holier than thou asses back to the 1920's when no such thing as planned parenthood existed, cuz it's here now and you're not helping matters at all. PAck sand....PAck sand...Oh Lordy GO PACK SAND!!!!

The Pope today? Yeah..he uh, um fetii, Guess you're the only monkeys out on the town. Some of your click even made it all the way to homless shelters and community centers to help distribute a wonderful meal to those in need on this Sunday. You..... NOT SO MUCH.

If ya'll are out tommorrow Jebus Crisp will break the line..... ....Here's to you Chin Nuts!

HAppy Bunny Cake to all

P.S. If you should happen to volunteer at a Mission serving food to people that are less fortunate than you, please be mindful and not flaunt your wealth like the woman on the Front page of Monday's Gazette wearing her diamond encrusted triple wrap tennis bracelet. Asshat.... "Here's your slab O' ham served with 20K worth of ICE Biatch!" ....we can file that one under "W" for just plain Wrong.

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