Monday, April 16, 2007


The best part of trying to find a new apartment? The fact that you can fill out a hundred applications...and only on the last one do you remember your great great grandmother's first boyfiend's mom's maiden name. ( They all have that friggin qustion, I'm suprised they don't want you to fill out a SOAP note for medical information.)

And you also get to pay them money to do a credit/background check to make sure that the money you just gave them is good enough for them to consider you as a tenant and in the event that it isn't that you're not going to steal it back.

I'm currently looking at the Bridgewater apartments in Ballston Spa, they have a finite amount of places to rent and there is also a Salary cap/bottom line that you have to be bracketed in to be a viable candidate for inclusion. Not too much...nor too little... I hope and pray that the Gazette decides not to give me a raise this year cuz if I move to this place it would put me over the top and they'd ask me to move out..."Richie Rich needs to go".

I wonder why I grind my teeth at night, life change equals worn down teethers.

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