Sunday, April 29, 2007

Text messaging


If you send me a textmessage feel free to include your name in the deal...and I'll, "wait for it...wait for it!!!" I'll call you; to talk to you; on the phone; that you just typed shit on; the phone....(the device that was invented so that people at distance can "talk" to eachother) I'll talk to you. If you want the LOL, ROFL bullshit included just let me know and I'll spit out random letters in sequence for you. PYDDHSAB. Plus You're Dumb, Dick Head...Shit Ass Bitch! Or GPSIYA. Go Pack Sand In Yer Ass.

I can't see paying the extra fee so that I can push buttons a billion times to get the correct letters when 9 digits lets me say hello in person. TEXT service is now disconnected. Since I haven't activated the text account for the new phone...It won't identify the sender. Call me at 4am...I'll be awake, don't call before nooner...I won't answer. Any other time I have the phone with me => and on. TEXT if you want, you won't get a reply.

This has been a public service message from the fishbowl....soon to have new corporate HQ.

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