Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Many many bullets?

How many bullets can $25 USD Buy?

Yet another esquisitly shot photo from the Associated Press has been printed in the Gazette depicting irate Shiites tearing the American Flag apart in protest. ( I'm not a fan, but I'm American and allow them the right to express themselves without fear of me tearing out their fingernails or hooking a car battery to their genitals)

My question may seem out there....let me elaborate through my skewed mind and see if I can paint a picture of how my thought process ended up with said question. (It's not a long journey I promise)

The individuals in the picture must have gotten the flag from somewhere, if I'm not mistaken or perhaps I am, there aren't too many US FLAG Producing Factories in the Middle East. If there are, I'm sure some sort of the profit margin returns to the US. SO, the people tearing the flag to pieces are probably using a flag that they purchased online...or from a US Base to rip apart. If the Standard flag costs $25 USD then the money spent to purchase is just going to return to the pockets of the American Infidel and they can spend it on bullets. The think they're making a statement when in fact they are supporting the "little death that brings total obliteration". Smooth move. 1 US Dollar = 1,325.70 Iraqi Dinar (Average yearly income in Iraq = just about $600 USD). That's a completely worthwhile expenditure if you go in for 25 dinar apiece with half the country sporting the bill with you. tear it up...we'll air drop some aide to you.

They might on the other hand be making the flags [that's a mighty fine reproduction they're ripping to pieces], a self defeating act in and of itself.

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