Thursday, April 19, 2007


I woke up this morning in the fishbowl, it was exceedingly damp and musty....that happens to basement apartments when the weather changes even the slightest bit. I opened my WINDOW (ok I have two but one is fixed permanently) : ( and parked next to the Frankensteiner was a police van with huge demarkations on the side Schenectady Police Department Crime Scene Investigation Unit. The doors were open, and a couple of individuals; I assume Officers in the department, were donning level I or II Hazmat gear. I don't keep up on my CSI stuff so I'm not particularly sure which level of brain matter/ blood spatter clean suit it was.

On any given day, this van is parked across the street in the Police HQ Parking Lot. I always wondered what was in it. Logically, it was next to my truck for a reason. I don't know and didn't have the stones to interrupt the two people preparing for what ever they were readying themselves for. I did take a peak inside and there really wasn't much by way of awesome gizmos to note.

That wasn't the really sketchy part of my day. I live across from the police headquarters, the crime scene van is parked next to my truck, whatever. I had to go to the bank, so I went and cashed my meager allowance for 40hrs of work this week and returned home. There were then two cruisers and a crime scene investigation van. Here comes the rub, half a football field away was Muggs, he was leaning into a very expensive car, and doing what he does best. Muggs the drug dealer that chills and sells his wears by the dumpster was conducting business as usual. WTF that guy has to wheelbarrow his boys around trying to not bump into people with his gargantuan testicles. Thank you Sch'dy PoPo for your observational skills.

My move to a different locale has just been elevated from yellow directly to red on the get the "F" out of dodge scale.



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