Thursday, April 5, 2007

In one month

In less than one months time I'll be able to step away from a commitment I made a scant two years ago, Hopefuly I've done what was best for the organization, and that they will be able to persevere without my illogical outbursts and rantings of inconsequential nothings on topics that deserve more attention than I can give them from this point forward.

A new move is also on the horizon, out of the fishbowl and hopefully into a well proportioned domicile that has more than two small windows and a few less brick walls. At that point I can follow my new dream.

Yet another tossing and turning evening of sleeplessness last night amidst the gun fire and police sirens had me in and out of waking lucid dreams until 11am this morning. In one particularly vivid phantasmic hallucination of illusionary, miragedness I found myself attending classes again striving for a new degree. A hands on approach to group communication.
I've decided that starting May 6th my quest to learn American Standard Sign Language Japanese, will begin. What that means? I haven't the foggiest Idea, but I assume in my case it'll be a gutteral way of butchering English sign language with an air of nobility and respect that is unheard of in our Western Civilization.
Yup, that's the plan once I move into the new place; the Rosetta Stone and I are going to have a sit down,...I'm getting on my horse and edumakating myself.

I'm going to make some jello jigglers too, but that's a minor secondary goal, along with ramping up the studio space to slide around in paint once again.

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