Thursday, January 10, 2008


At what point do you lose all respect for others? When does your brain switch from decent to prick? I know... for I have seen it first hand. Here's a little tale from my nutsack.

The Frank is now resting comfortably at a mechanic that has assured me that he'll be up and running sooner rather than later with a newly aligned set of wheels and brand spankin new tie-rods. Bully for Frank I may just keep his ass around after all. I digress, I dropped off the truck, walked some errands (drop off truck, bank, food, and coffee) then headed to work. I was walking across the bridge and a here's where I witnessed the exact point. This particular bridge has no sidewalk so pedestrians are relegated to a fairly wide shoulder. The guard rails are about shoulder height. Me being 6'1" and wearing my trail running shoes 6'3"ish. So the guard rail is about 5 and 1/2 ft tall. I was a highjumper in highschool and my PR was 6'10... no small feat getting your ass up in the air that far or brushing the bottom of a basketball net with your junk. The guard rail didn't have a mat on the other was a 60ft drop to frigid post sewage treatment water. A Union College student (I know now because of the bumper sticker) decided it would be funny to swerve toward the lone pedestrial on the bridge.. no rhyme or reason...just for kicks. He didn't have an evil look in his eyes, but did have a smirk on his face. Prick through and through. I can honstly say that the Betty riding shotgun thought the same as I did when it happened, and at the precise moment she decided to let him know the err of his ways : the extent of his prickedness, by starting to scream at him was also the precise moment that a steaming hot 20oz. cup of coffee hit his windshield. He missed me by a good 3inches. All these measurements really have no correlation, but 3 inches was better that 5 1/2' + 60' to cold wet soggy pants. I didn't have the chance to ask if he enjoyed the coffee because he didn't stop... it's too bad because I recently adopted the don't give a F attitude and maybe he could have had soggy pants. Either he didn't stop because he feared the reaper...or he likes apples.

Thank you douche bag for refreshing my faithlessness in human beings in general.

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