Sunday, January 6, 2008 was one of those

I seriously doubt that my downstrairs neighbor has the gumption nor the know how to work these new fangled readin boxes, but In the spirit of feeling poorly about my actions I'll offer an apology here to make my soul feel a little better. (Sorry Mr. B) This weekend was going to be a quite weekend at home, trying to stay out of trouble, get another painting out of the way in the attempt to sling my wears to galleries at somepoint in the next ten of so years. Dinner, a Waldo sighting, a few bottles of Gin and some blue lead based oil paint can do strange things to a persons mind. Needless to say I believe that Mr.B down strairs may have taken the brunt of a thunder-stompin' good time. I'll post a BW pic from the Friday craziness after the post. The color version is frighteningly ...uh, frightening.

Sat. Gonzo had dinner at his place with a bunch of folks I haven't seen in a long time and I ventured over there only to receive a peaty belated Xmas pres. of the MacCallan 12yr old lowland goodness. We caught the wildcard games, and I returned home to sample the goods.

This coming weekend, I have a rondezvous with Spam-a-lot to wait for....

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