Wednesday, January 2, 2008

It's about time

It's been snowy/icy for quite sometime now, and it was just about time for them to play a part in my life. As I was leaving my apartment today for the grand olde Gaz; I stepped gingerly onto the sidewalk, toting my coffee and dinner... I felt a slight unease. Before I knew it. I was ass up rolling in a snowbank after just bouncing my spine off my building's front steps. Years of college had prepared me for just such a fall and I neither spilled my coffee nor tossed my dinner. I did however create a nasty kink in my back and am having a hell of a time functioning properly. Sitting, standing, bending, thinking, and generally working at all. Good times. At least I still had a great cup of coffee and that's all that matters right!?

Tonight it's the tooth and nail Vacation-day lottery...or well, it's the rest of my co-workers time to hash out their differences and make the schedule for the upcoming year. Me... still low man on the totem and I'll pick up the scraps.(which probably means another round of Xmas and NYE working bouts with a few days inbetween). Pretty psyched, you bet!...the coffee even better.

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